Thai Eats will be closed from February 13 – March 26.

February 9, 2016 Monday off – a relaxing weekend for us at home today.  Hope it was a great day at work or enjoyable at home for you as well. JUST A REMINDER: Thai Eats will be closed from February 13 – March 26. Our apologies in advance for the in-convenience.  Thai Eats will reopen on March 29 when […] {Tags: } {More...}

Closed from February 13 through March 27

February 7, 2016 Thai Eats will be closed from February 13 through March 28.   John and I will be in Thailand to visit my Mom.  She is in her 90’s and I hope to spend some time with her while I still can.  Our apologies in advance for the inconvenience.  We will also begin to take cooking workshops […] {Tags: } {More...}


February 1, 2016 Tilapia and Panang Sauce $12.99 Cold and snowing in the city.  John and I are relaxing at home today.  It has been busy at Thai Eats Cooking Workshops as well as our take-out orders during the cold weather season.  Made lots of Thai Eats Thom Yum soup and spicy curries!  The new item on the menu from late last […] {Tags: } {More...}

“New Year Eve Party”

Private Party
January 10, 2016 Hard to believe that we are almost second week of January!  Hope it was good celebration in the New Year for you.  John and I are usually relaxing at home. We hosted “New Year Eve Party” – private party for our loyal customers.  It was quite delighted. Have any special occasion that deserves a celebration and you have […] {More...}

Cooking Class/February Schedule

Cooking Class
January 2, 2016 – Hope it was a great holiday season for you and your family. Thai Eats gift cards were quite popular for Christmas giving!  I’m glad some recipients have already enjoyed those gifts.  Our January schedule is already booked! February schedule is now open for booking.  I urge registered students to please text or call me if February works for you. Lets get […] {More...}

Cooking Class

December 27, 2015 Only a few days to the New Year! Our January 2016 cooking class dates are already fully booked! And just two dates, 7 and 21, are available in February. For previously registered, but unscheduled students, please contact me as soon as you can for available dates. Either call-in to (719) 380-0535, or email me at: […] {Tags: } {More...}

Thai Eats giftcards! – Thai cooking

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December 23, 2015 Great gift idea – Thai Eats giftcards! Come join a Thai cooking session and enjoy the hands-on experience right in our kitchen.Thai Eats cooking classes are filling up fast. As of now, we are nearly booked through to the end of January 2016! Only a few days left open.  Thai Eats will be closed from […] {Tags: } {More...}

Pork Toast Special!

December 17, 2015  $2.00 off Pork Toast.  Thursday through Saturday – Enjoy Pork Toast for your appetizer! Goes well with Thai Iced Tea or Thai Iced Coffee!! {Tags: } {More...}

Cooking Class

December 11, 2015 As 2015 is ending, we suggest any registered cooking class students please lock-in and schedule your class for Jan-Feb 2016! Those with gift certificates, please come in with your certificate so we can verify before scheduling a class session. Cooking class will not be available on Sunday, February 14 as we will be opening the […] {Tags: } {More...}