Tuesday Special!-December 1st, 2015

A free refill!
November 30, 2015 Hard to believe, but tomorrow is December 2015! Approaching the end of the year!!   TUESDAY SPECIAL: A FREE refill on Thai iced Tea or Thai Iced Coffee with any meal! Have a great week! ~Meaw. {Tags: } {More...}

Have you seen Meaw’s Food and Travel Blog yet?

Meaw's New Blog
November 5, 2015 Have you seen Meaw’s Food and Travel Blog yet?  Would love to have visitors, especially Thai Eats cooking class students, check it out! Hope it has been a great week for you so far. I have been busy whipping-up many curry dishes, especially “Thai Eats Jungle Curry”!!!  Drunken Noodles, Pad Thai, Kow Soy, Chicken Basil are […] {Tags: } {More...}

Lunch Combo Special!

Lunch Special!
October 18, 2015 Cashew Chicken, Thom Kah Gai & Eggroll $12.99 JUNGLE CURRY is now on our menu! It seems to be very popular since we added it with other curries! Enjoy our version of Jungle Curry with lots of fresh vegetables. I tone down the spicy broth with creamy coconut milk! Thai Eats is grateful for your […] {Tags: } {More...}

Open tomorrow-9/29/2015

Back to normal hours
September 28, 2015 Has been rough this year! John’s Dad passed away last week.  It was expected, but it also was a sad reunion with John’s family at the funeral. It has been too many years before we reconnected.  Sometimes life get too busy and hard to control it. John is going in for some eye surgery this week […] {Tags: } {More...}

Notice for Sept 22-28

We will be back soon!
September 22, 2015 Our notice posted at Thai Eats Restaurant. We are so sorry for the inconvenience! We look forward to seeing you when we return.  ~John & Meaw.   {Tags: } {More...}

Curry for cool weather!

Thank you!
September 13, 2015 Thai Eats is grateful for positive feedback, comments and referrals from customers and cooking class students on-line! We hope to continue to serve authentic Thai food with the finest ingredients and sharing ideas on cooking with you for many years to come! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. John and I begin our weekend on […] {Tags: } {More...}

Special this week! – Aug 4-8

August 2, 2015 Lunch combo $14.99 – Cashew Chicken, Thom Kah Gai and Egg Roll. (NO SUBSTITUTE)     {Tags: } {More...}

We are grateful!

July 24, 2015 It has been busy and I apologize for being away for so long!  We spend as much time with our family as we can, and really enjoy life these days.  Speaking of family, you may see our grandchildren hanging around Thai Eats this summer to help us just for fun. They earn tips for summer fun as well as […] {Tags: } {More...}

July 10, 2015: Thank you!

Thank you!
July 11, 2015 It was a busy night.  Thanks so much for dining with us!  John and I took a few days off and went to California.  It was very nice to visit as we used to live there. Very refreshing to be in the warm sun on a sandy beach.  We enjoyed fresh seafood during our stay. The […] {Tags: } {More...}

July 4th notice

June 26, 2015 You will see this posted at the Thai Eats front door tomorrow for our vacation, as well as business trip to California.  We recently opened an on-line grocery and Thai gift products store, and intend to bring some items back with us. More items will be added as we further develop and expand the on-line store. We […] {Tags: } {More...}