Off the menu: Thai Eats Fried Banana $6.00


(Fresh slice banana dip in coconut cream batter,
honey and coconut flakes)


Our signature dishes, Panang  $6.00 per plate



Kids meals are now available with three combos to choose from at only $3.99 per plate.

Our bar will be installed within the next few weeks. Please come join us for a gourmet coffee. We will have a few homemade goodies available every day as well.

Weather has been bouncing from spring to winter and back here in the Rockies. Let us know if you need to warm up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. We are happy to bring one to your table at your request.

As we approach summer,  look for one third off regular the rate for our cooking classes when you bring friends to join you.

Many customers has been asking if they can purchase our house made Thai Eats Curry mix. We will sell it upon request so you can prepare authentic Thai dishes yourself at home.  Walk-in customers have been asking for the ingredients to make Tom Yum. We can provide those as well. If you can pronouce the name, or describe it, we can help you find what you need or prepare it and serve you in our dining room.

Closing with a big thanks for your support to our merchant neighbors all around us, as well as for our regular customers and the many new customers from all directions!
We take feedback seriously and really appreciate every single one of your responses about our food and service. Thank you! -Meaw.


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